St. Rose School Moving To The Parish

Dear Parishioners,
I have thought about you a lot during the past few weeks and prayed for you as you deal with the terrible fires that brought so much devastation to the parish and many parts of Santa Rosa. I am especially saddened with the news that many parishioners and school families lost their homes. I continue to remember them and keep them in my prayers. Kathy Ryan our school principal has kept me informed on the damage to St. Rose School and the work that is going on to get the children back into the classrooms as soon as possible. For now, there will have to be in a new temporary location. Kathy and the St. Rose School Advisory Board spent considerable time visiting and checking out four possible sites. Their unanimous decision is to come back to the parish use the rooms in the Parish Center, convent and an extra portable building for classrooms. Doing this will keep all the students together in a safe and nurturing environment. I am in complete agreement with this decision and I know that our parishioners will support it. I thank Sr. Olive and the catechists the parish religious education program, Gloria Retamoza and the RCIA team, the St. Vincent de Paul Society and all the parish organizations and groups for cooperating with this move for their flexibility and readiness to help the school get through this unforeseen crisis. After three very painful weeks we have the good news that the school will reopen at its new temporary parish location on Wednesday, November 1. We welcome them. This is ALL SAINTS DAY. Doesn’t that holy day give us a timely message? These holy men and women of all ages often suffered through adversity but prevailed. Their lives of faithful service, doing good and putting their trust in God can give us the courage and hope that we need during this time of adversity. Let us call on their prayers to help us as we continue to pray for all who lost homes and businesses. I look forward to seeing you next weekend. Fr. Denis