Our Parish Vision – The Project

The Entire Project – $3.2 Million

Central to this campaign is the need to raise funds to stabilize and restore our 114-year-old stone church. St. Rose.BuildingDuring the past year, our Restoration Committee, Parish Council, Hispanic Ministries, and Finance Council explored the ways in which to renovate the structure. After meetings with architects, specialized structural engineers, city authorities and other professionals, we have received the preliminary designs and estimates to renovate our stone church.  The  campaign will support the stabilization phase and primary renovations for our Parish.

The stabilization phase, estimated at $1.4 million, will focus on the following:

  • New foundation of concrete steel beams
  • New steel frame
  • Temporary shoring to support roof during construction
  • New Flooring
  • Insulation under floor and walls
  • Electrical for lighting and heating services
  • Roof repairs
  • Masonry and Tile Work

The entire scope of a full restoration, which includes the stabilization phase listed above, is $2.6 million:

  • Critical structural work
  • New bathrooms at B Street entry
  • ADA access ramp
  • Stained glass restoration
  • Organ restoration and relocation
  • Atrium enclosure

To develop a completely functional and stable structure, in addition to supporting our Diocese, will require a $3.2 million financial commitment.

New Interior

OUR MINIMUM NEED: $2 MILLION – Stabilization plus Diocesan Support

Grateful for Our Past, Building Our Future is a coordinated effort to address this critical need in conjunction with Diocesan priorities.    Of all funds raised, 70% will be used for the critical stabilization of our stone church and the remaining 30% will support the Diocese.  Additionally, 100% of all funds raised over $2,000,000 will remain with St. Rose Parish.


Diocesan Support

In response to the current needs of the 6 counties throughout our Diocese, and after prayerful consideration, Bishop Robert F. Vasa has initiated Professing our Faith, Walking in Hope, Building God’s Kingdom,a $25,000,000 capital and endowment campaign to provide financial resources to meet the challenges facing our Diocese. All 41 parishes are taking part in this remarkable initiative, including St. Rose’s target of $637,000 over the next 5 years.  All funds will be exclusively used for the following elements:

Diocese of SR case elements