We are happy that you have chosen St. Rose Catholic Church for the celebration of your wedding. We look forward to working with both of you as you plan your wedding day and prepare for your life together in marriage.

Making Initial Preparations

Setting the Date
Before setting the date for your wedding, contact the parish office. We require six months’ notice. The date will not be confirmed until you have had a meeting with the priest/deacon. No plans are to be finalized until this meeting has taken place. The priest/deacon will confirm the availability of the church for your wedding ceremony and his availability to officiate.

Prior Marriages

If either person has been married before, there are additional issues to be resolved before setting a date for a Catholic ceremony. This takes extra time. This must be discussed with the priest/deacon and resolved before proceeding with the wedding plans.

Officiating Priest or Deacon

You may choose any priest/deacon in the parish to officiate at your wedding. We welcome priests and deacons from outside the parish to officiate at your wedding if you so choose.

Financial Responsibility
Your financial contribution to the parish helps with the work of the parish and the maintenance of the church building. The fee for St. Rose parishioners is $450.00. This is for those who are registered members of the parish and who regularly support the parish financially through the use of weekly offertory envelopes or the DirectCheck program. The fee for all others is $600.00. Half the amount should be paid at the time the priest/deacon confirms the date of the wedding. The remainder should be paid one month before the wedding. Make checks payable to St. Rose Church. If you wish to give a personal gift to the priest/deacon, this is separate from the church.

Marriage Preparation Requirements

Meetings with the Priest/Deacon

The priest/deacon officiating at your wedding will schedule a number of meetings with you. These meetings will include discussions on Christian marriage based on our Catholic teachings, and completing the paperwork for the church record and helping you plan the wedding ceremony.

Diocesan Preparation Program
The Diocese of Santa Rosa requires all couples to participate in either:

1. Marriage for Life: This program is available to all engaged couples and space is guaranteed. This program satisfies the Diocese of Santa Rosa requirement for marriage preparation. Call Joe & Connie D’Aura at (415) 664-8108 or
2. Prepare: This is done through Loyola Institute and involves three sessions with one of their marriage counselors. To sign-up for this program call 526-1167.

Natural Family Planning
In addition to participating in one of the preparation programs couples are encouraged to attend an introductory information session on this method of family planning. Call 539-3136 for reservation.

Church Record of the Marriage

The prenuptial personal information provided by the bride and groom and the witness information provided by a parent or family member will be filled out by the priest/deacon. In case of a Catholic marrying a non-Catholic, the bishop must give permission for the wedding. For this to happen, the Catholic party must sign the Declaration and Promise form. This states the intention of the Catholic to continue practicing his/her Catholic Faith and to raise the children in the Catholic Church.

Documents Required:
1. Catholics must provide Baptism Certificates issued within six months of the wedding. These are obtained by contacting the church in which the baptism took place.
2. Copies of First Communion and Confirmation when available.
3. The non-Catholic, if baptized, needs to provide a copy of his/her baptism. To get a certificate, contact the church in which the baptism took place.

Marriage License

You can obtain a Marriage License by going to the County Clerk’s Office in any county within the state. The wedding must take place within 90 days from the day the license is issued. Present it to the priest/deacon or parish wedding coordinator at the time of the rehearsal. The best man and maid of honor (the two witnesses) sign it after the ceremony.

Wedding Rehearsal and Ceremony
The parish wedding coordinator will conduct the rehearsal. Any outside coordinators being used by the couple are not to interfere with the parish wedding coordinator at the rehearsal or the church ceremony on the day of the wedding. The rehearsal will take approximately one hour. This is a time for all in the wedding party to become familiar with the wedding ceremony and an opportunity to rehearse for those who will be taking part in it. We ask that all participating in the rehearsal and the wedding ceremony be punctual. The officiating priest/deacon may have other commitments and others may be waiting to use the church. Your sensitivity to this will be appreciated. Bring the marriage license and unity candle (if using one) to the rehearsal.

Wedding Liturgy
We encourage you to take an active part in planning the liturgy for your wedding day. You will be given a book with readings and prayers from which to choose. Make this a community celebration by involving family members and friends to do the readings and other parts of the ceremony. The priest/deacon will help you with this.

The music for your wedding ceremony is to be in keeping with the sacredness of marriage. The priest/deacon can help you with this. A list of musicians is attached. You are free to have others who are not on this list. Those musicians not on the list should check with the priest/deacon about which music and songs are appropriate.

Church Environment for your Wedding
Arrange with your florist for the flowers, aisle runner if using one (100 feet), pew bows, and candelabra if using (only non-drip candles) which you may use to decorate the church. To attach the pew bows no nails, staples or tacks may be used. Tape is permitted as long as it is the type that will not damage the pews. No birdseed, rice, confetti, balloons, glitter or flower petals may be used inside the church or on the church grounds.

Photos and Videos

The photographer and videographer must check with the priest/deacon or the parish coordinator about parish guidelines prior to the rehearsal. Your wedding ceremony is not a production but the celebration of something sacred. All are asked to respect this.

Church Decorum
Weddings are a cause for great joy and are celebrated in a sacred place. We therefore expect all attending the rehearsal and the wedding to respect the sacred place and to be reverent and prayerful in and near the church. No alcohol is allowed in the church or on church grounds.

Parish Wedding Coordinator

Our coordinator will meet with you about two weeks before the wedding date. She will review the wedding liturgy with you at that time. She will conduct the rehearsal and direct the way things will go on your wedding day. The florist will arrange with the coordinator the time to deliver the flowers and when to decorate.

Spiritual Preparation
Your devotion to God and involvement in a church community will add to the strength of your relationship. If you live in the area we hope you will worship with us often here at St. Rose before and after your wedding day.

Arrangements in Special Situations:
Registered parishioners of St. Rose who wish to be married elsewhere, will need to fulfill the requirements of this parish before permission is given by the Catholic bishop, but may be obtained with good reason. We are not allowed to give permission for weddings to take place outside of the church, in homes, gardens, or the woods.